Analysis: Find your Weakest & Strongest Subjects


We’re excited to announce the arrival of a new feature to the Study Platform, which will enable you to assess your progress and identify areas you need to focus your study on.

The syllabus for promotion exams is extensive, and as such it’s really important to assess how well you are performing. This new feature will allow you to tailor your study to those areas that you are performing less favourably in.

To access the feature, simply click the “My Progress” link on the Questions & Answers page or follow the link in the Study Tracker.

You’ll find a list of your Weakest and Strongest categories, along with a full list of all the categories you’ve answered questions in.

The “All Categories” table can be sorted by clicking the column headings, allowing you to sort the table according to any of the data available. You can also “drill-down” into the data by clicking on a category name, which will then show you all the categories contained within it, along with your statistics. The chart at the bottom also changes as you “drill-down” through the data.

The key metrics you can see in the data are:

  • Proficiency – we provide an estimate of your proficiency for every category. This score considers how many questions you’ve answered, whether the answers were correct or incorrect, and how many unique questions you’ve answered. The measure isn’t designed to reach 100%, but you should strive to push this measure above 75%. The measure will continually respond to your answers.
  • Unique Questions – this is how many questions we have available in that category.
  • Unique Answered – this tells you how many of the unique questions you’ve answered
  • Total Attempts – this measure tells you how many questions in total you’ve answered from this category, including duplicates where you’ve answered the same question multiple times
  • Correct – the amount of correct answers across all your attempts
  • Incorrect – the amount of incorrect answers across all your attempts

We hope this feature helps you to guide your study, and adds value to our subscriptions.

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