Efficient Study: Target critical areas of law


Struggling to make a start, or wondered which subjects you’re more likely to be tested on?

We’ve just released an update to the platform that now shows you the most examined subjects in the NPPF exams. So whether you’re an aspiring Sergeant or Inspector, you can now see which subjects are critical to understand.

If you take a Study or Test Session you can now see little badges next to the subjects, such as “Gold Subject”, when you dive into the syllabus to pick subjects to answer questions from. You can therefore customise your session to target those more frequently appearing subjects.

Once you’ve completed a Study Session, Test Session or Mock exam, we’ll show you a breakdown of your subject performance including the key subjects highlighted by badges.

We’ll be diving deeper into exam statistics within our Advice & Guidance material, but here’s a guide as to how we highlight those critical subjects.

  • Gold – 25 or more appearances in the last 5 years (average of 5 questions per exam)
  • Silver – 15 or more appearances in the last 5 years (average of 3 questions per exam)
  • Bronze – 10 or more appearances in the last 5 years (average of 2 questions per exam)

Overall, you won’t be surprised by the subjects; they are usually those areas of law you’ll most frequently encounter, or areas where legislative knowledge is key.

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